More advanced technology to prevents the dust hazard

Dust generally refers to ash, dirt, smoke dust, mine dust, sand dust, powder, etc. According to the size of dust particle, it is classified as PM0.3, PM0.5,PM1.0,PM2.5 and PM10.

The dust concentration directly affects the severity of dust hazards.And the dust is the main cause of occupational diseases.Workers working in high concentration dust environment for a long time will inhale a large amount of tiny dust and cause occupational diseases such as coal lung disease and coal silicosis.

Dust not only endangers human health, but also accelerates mechanical wear, shortens the service life of precision instruments, and is even explosive under certain conditions.

Dust usually produce in the process of mining, casting, textile,transporting dust material. To assure the health of workers,we must monitor and treat the dust.And a set of effective detector is needed for scientific monitoring of labor hygiene.

GT1000-FC,which is manufactured by Korno,can detect vaires size of dust particle at the same time,such as PM0.3,PM0.5,PM10,PM2.5 and PM10.Quantity measure mode and quality measure mode are available,greatly prevents the dust hazard in the production process.



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