Dust Particle Counter

Online Dust Particle Counter

Model :MOT500-FC

Product Description:

MOT500-FC online dust particle counter is fixedly installed on the dust-free workshops, clean rooms, public environments, etc. to continuously detect the concentration of particles.

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​High Performance

adopts high-end imported sensors from different countries

real-time detection and one-click query of the concentration curve

​​up to 4 particle channels, PM0.5, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 


Variety Signal Output :

•  RS485 standard, 4-20mA signal converter optional 

   1-2 relays output
•  multiple transmission options: 3-4 core cable, optical 

   fiber network, network cable, wireless transmission
•  multiple data receiving modes: PC, gas alarm 

   controller, PLC, DCS, mobile phone,etc.


Meet the Requirements of Different Industries

•  optional gas pretreatment system for  complex 


•  variety installation type: wall mounting 


•  infrared remote control is optional to operate in 

   dangerous situations without opening the lid 

Technical Parameters

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