Gas Alarm Controller

Gas Alarm Controller(Latest Model)

Model :DN-8000

Product Description:

The DN-8000 gas alarm controller can be applied to the measurement and control of various standard 4-20mA signals, RS-485 signals, and TCP/IP network interface devices.
The electronic circuit adopts advanced high precision microcontroller processing technology, which makes the controller work stably with high measuring precision and strong generality.
The system adopts Andriod operating system. Therefore, it has user-friendly operation interface, powerful system function. Operating system menu through touch-screen, the main display screen displays gas detector concentration value, alarm information, fault information, shielding information, storage information, equipment partition and other information.

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Android Operating System, Powerful Function, Beautiful Interface

HD industrial color screen with high sensitivity touch screen with a pixels up to 1024*600
with self-checking function, it can configure backup power(optional), main power supply and standby power supply can be automatically switched, all parameters can be set freely in the system menu
with Alarm record query and real time alert function, it can directly query the alarm channel number, concentration and alarm time and mute function through the menu and status bar of home screen.
support mobile phone APP, cloud service and other applications, support mobile phone SMS alarm function, message content can be customized edit, and sent to multiple mobile phone numbers.


Key Features

•  up to 48 channels
•  standard Modbus RS-485 signal input, supports up to 255 detectors input
•  standard TCP/IP network port device input, supports up to 3,000 detectors input
•  16G mass data storage,TF card data export, data printing
•  RTU 433MHz or GPRS wireless transmission is available
•  RS485, RS232, multi-channel 4-20mA signal, TCP/IP network port output
•  split-screen display function, each screen display related data of 8 channel

Technical Parameters


Gas Detector Remote Communication Solution B

Gas Detector Remote Communication Solution B


TCP/IP Transmission——MOT500 series and DN-8000 series controllers all support TCP/IP protocol. Using network, optical fiber, ADSL, router, switch, GPRS wireless SMS alarm and other components to build a complete multifunction on-line detection concentration monitoring system.


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