Ozone Pollution in Summer——Ozone Analyzer

In summer,the light is strong and the sky is transparent.The ozone index of air quality index is also tends to rise.  

Under the hot weather condition,exhaust gaes and industrial emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds will cause “ozone pollution”after secondary pollution.This is one of the reasons why ozone can easily exceed the standard in summer.

As we all know,ozone is a natural trace gas in the atmosphere.It can divided into “good ozone” and “bad ozone”. Good ozone is known as the Earth’s umbrella which can effectively block UV rays and protect human health.Bad ozone refers to ozone near the ground which is one of the culprits responsible for photochemical smog.

The signing of various international conventions has played an important role in protecting the ozone layer.Many countries have also included ozone in air quality monitoring.

Korno has also been working on upgrading ozone detectors for years.Take GT2000 series ozone analyzer as an example, it adopts imported electrochemical/infrared gas sensors and micro-controller technology, with fast response and high accuracy. which makes it ranks the leading level in China.


​  Ozone emissions are growing more than ever.Ozone as an important pollutant monitoring target,monitoring and control will be the next step in environmental protection. During this period,the importance of the ozone detector is self-evident.




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