VOC Detector (VOC)

VOC Detector(without display)

Model :MOT100-VOC

Product Description:

Online VOC detector, suitable for VOC concentration detection in various environments. The detector has a variety of superior circuit protection functions, can prevent misconnection of the power supply, reverse power supply, short circuit of the power supply, instability of the power supply, power supply and signal misunderstanding.

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VOC Detector

Comply with the latest national standards and obtain CMC measuring instrument production license,explosion-proof certification and other qualifications
Can be used for all kinds of harsh occasions
Has water vapor filtration and protection function,it can prevent sensor damage caused by high humidity environment in the field.


Flameproof Design◇Solid Texture

•  With alarm and control function, the alarm signal will be automatically output when the gas concentration value triggered the alarm
•  With circuit protection function, the detector can work normally in harsh environment
•  Explosion-proof,Lightning-proof,Electrostatic prevention,Wrong connection protection,Magnetic-field interference prevention,Anti-impulse current impact


Variety Signal Output

•  multiple signal output options:4-20mA、RS485、2 relays output
•  multiple transmission options: 3-4 core cable、optical fiber network、 GPRS wireless transmission、 RTU wireless transmission
•  multiple data receiving modes:PC、Gas Alarm Controller、PLC、DCS,etc

Technical Parameters

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